Thursday, December 24, 2009

A Message of Possibility in the Season of Perpetual Hope

I hadn’t thought this blog would be the most difficult one I’d have to write since beginning dontfearyourfreedom last Easter, but it’s stumped me for days. In October, a year-and-a-half after I lost my beloved Huckleberry to advanced kidney disease secondary to thread worm infestation and feline AIDS for which he had no risk factor (other than repeated vaccination) that, curiously, no veterinarian would diagnose properly, I lost another beautiful little soul to very similar diseases under the exact same circumstance. Huck’s little brother was repeatedly bioassaulted, just as was Huck, even after I treated him for roundworm when his vet refused to acknowledge his moth-eaten coat was abnormal, telling me his bald patches were because of his bristle tongue, which prompted me to wonder why all cats weren’t bald. A gang of veterinarians aided in the murder of these darling spirits, as unique as any individual person – and more so. It’s been a difficult few months, to say the least, and I find little reason to anticipate a different type of holiday, or 2010. But perhaps I am mistaken.

As is my yearly Christmas custom, I’ve been re-reading and thinking about the Sermon on the Mount, the most famous of Jesus’ homilies – the one in which he gave us a prescription for creating the Kingdom of G_d – and I realized once again that the magic of Christmas is that each of us can redeem ourselves by following his instruction to love G_d with all our minds, hearts and bodies (so we have maximum opportunity to realize that G_d is most assuredly not some paternalistic idol in the sky whose domain is outer space, or the afterlife, but actually, right here, right now) and to treat each other as we, ourselves, each wish to be treated. So the theme of my blog today, Christmas eve, is this: instead of forcing your, what is by nature, limited understanding of God down the throats of others and denigrating them because they don’t belong to the same religious gang that you do; instead of padding your Christmas savings club with graft you receive by informing on your neighbors like a Third Reich SS; instead of coveting your new Andersen windows and aluminum siding more than the freedom and dignity of neighbors about whom you concoct slander that makes her the subject of the FBI’s TIPS investigation and surveillance by your so-called neighborhood watch; instead of treating other human beings as a means to your ends, remember that it is these very sins for which Jesus died – the slander, contempt and dispassion in which the general public then held the prophet and for which they said, when Pontius Pilate asked them which prisoner would receive amnesty from crucifixion, ‘not Jesus.’

What a Christmas miracle it would be if those of you who’ve been running around spending your bribes on mind-numbing, soul-killing, violent video games for your kids -- to anesthetize them to the horror that is the fascism in which our country now exists and delude them into believing that distraction is better than conscious action that changes the status quo so that some day they may not be the slaves we all are today – stopped and reflected on the fact that Jesus’ message was truly the antithesis of, and cure for, fascism. That you do so on more than just one day a year – which is something Jesus himself believed was truly within the power of each of us to do – is my sincerest wish today. May the light of a thousand blessed stars of Bethlehem inspire in you the courage to act as that babe in the manger would wish you to act each and every day for the rest of your life.

Merry Christmas.

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Thursday, December 10, 2009

Barack Obama is the Commander-in-Chief of a Military that has for Decades Persecuted American Political Dissidents, Declassified Gov't. Documents Show

Awarding the Nobel Prize for Peace to him when so many Americans languish in wall-less prisons designed to isolate them and prevent them from influencing society is an hypocrisy of the worst type.

Millions of American -- and, indeed, world -- citizens live in the once merely prophesied Orwellian condition of continuous state-sponsored monitoring, tracking and repression. The tracking and undermining of political dissidents began in American in the 1950s, with the CIAs now well-known development of mind-control technologies, code-named COINTELPRO, which centered on the social extermination of legitimate activists through sophisticated slander campaigns, and MK-ULTRA, which technologies now include the use of electromagnetic, radar and microwave radiation to adversely affect human behavior, causing, among other effects, false diagnoses of mental illness. Attorney Brian Glick details the FBI’s use of these tactics and technologies on American political activists from the once diverse field of political activism that included the American Indian Movement, the Women’s movement, the nuclear disarmament movement (all now dead or so impotent they may as well be) in his 1989 pamphlet, War at Home: Covert Action Against U.S. Activists and What We Can Do About It (South End Press). American industry, sponsored by the American government and working collaboratively with the Department of Defense, has, for decades, developed these technologies to aid governments in tracking those the state fears will oppose its policies. They represent the world’s leaders in surreptitious, freedom-crushing, wall-less prison technology.

Legacy consumer products of these technologies include Ambient Technology’s “voiceless” telephone, which allows persons paralyzed by diseases such as amyotrophic lateral sclerosis to send brain waves to a computer to record their “speech,” or even make a telephone call. Though the device used in Ambient’s demonstration uses a neck collar, smaller, “nanotech” devices that do the same thing can be implanted anywhere in the body near nerve centers, including surreptitiously during routine dental work, should the state wish to implant a dissident. All that is required is a sufficiently incentivized dentist. No thought of the recipient of such an implant can be private.

Dr. Caroline Lucas, MEP for Southeast England, warned in Parliament of the dangers inherent in electromagnetic weapons, one of which is designed to subtly influence human behavior using inaudible speech above range of hearing.
“Silent Sound” works as a Pavlovian trigger, suggesting to the receiver whatever behavior the entity controlling the technology wishes to embed. “Electro-magnetic (EM) weapons are one of the newest and most serious military developments in the world today. Enormous secrecy surrounds their development. . . . Unless this development is stopped, we are entering an Orwellian ‘1984’ type scenario, which could potentially permanently transfer enormous power to those in control of the technology.”

The U.S. leads the world in another industry critical to its promotion of U.S. business interests throughout the world: public relations. Anyone reading this post will rightly be skeptical of even the most obvious and provable fact related above supporting the thesis that the U.S. government is the leading terrorist organization in the world simply because his or her government has likely been roped into its “war on terror,” believing in good faith exactly what the U.S. has told them about the threat of terrorists to itself and its allies. ‘Why,’ they might reasonably wonder, ‘have we such a problem with terrorists if this spy and mind control technology exists? Surely, if it is being used to control political dissidents, can’t it be used to control terrorists as well?’

Yes. Those are the questions. And their answers lie in the many, many, many charges and exposés of empire building and cupidity leveled at conservative-run benefactors of the invasion, occupation and reconstruction of Iraq. From pre-invasion security analysis widely published in the New York Times and elsewhere, to documentaries such as those produced by Michael Moore, 9/ and David Earnhardt, to the more recent documentation provided by Naomi Klein in The Shock Doctrine: The Rise of Disaster Capitalism, the world has had a steady diet of facts proving factually, anecdotally and circumstantially that the U.S. government has, indeed, undertaken a mission to conquer the world for corrupt business interests, and to do it militarily. One such military weapon they have had at their disposal is the ability to create many “Manchurian candidates,” assassins programmed to commit whatever act of terrorism enables the U.S. government to initiate its “war on terror” using Silent Sound technology. The power to create America’s own Reichstag Fire incident is one the U.S. government has had for a long time.

There is no doubt that the flying of commercial airplanes into the World Trade Towers, the Pentagon and tragically, a field in Pennsylvania, was a military operation. But exactly whose military operation it was remains as much a mystery to the world today as it was that bright Tuesday morning in September of 2001. The world has been told that the terrorists who hijacked these planes had no other objective except a “symbolic” attack on the United States. Does that sound reasonable? The alleged mastermind behind the attacks is still free, roaming the world, and menacing no other similarly fortified American dominion or American-allied country; the few furtive attacks in places such as Mumbai attributed to terrorists alleged to be loosely connected with him have been equally as futile, though just as devastating and evocative of terror, and this is a man whose personal fortune, never mind the religious zeal by which we’ve been told he is motivated, is so great he could personally fund the establishment of conventional, not guerilla, armies in every alleged terrorist backwater in the Middle East, North Africa and Indonesia. Even so, these attacks do not a war make -- certainly not a war that anyone with the power to evade the terrorist surveillance matrix that was already well-established on 9/11 would wage, were he serious about waging any war. The citizens of Spain understood that and quickly rejected their government’s calls for the same type of security state in which Americans now live after the ETA attacks in Madrid in 2004. Why not Americans? If Silent Sound can be used to condition individuals and discrete groups of people, why not large swaths of the population for whom panem et circenses is ineffective, too? All they need is the airwaves.

The further and further history travels from the events of 9/11 and its aftermath, the easier and easier it becomes to see that the “war on terror” is really just a “war for terror,” sponsored by the very people who claimed to be its first victims: the U.S. government. That’s what good PR does -- it manipulates the perceptions of its targets and then offers explanations for those perceptions. Almost nothing about the official U.S. government explanation of the 9/11 attacks has been demonstrated to be reasonable, verifiable, complete, or accurate, supporting the claim by many that those attacks were, if not orchestrated by the U.S. government, then permitted for its use as an opportunity to promote U.S. business expansion in crucial middle eastern regions.

These facts are without doubt: (1) the U.S. government has turned from a country of, by and for the people, to one in which “law and order” is indiscriminately applied by an increasingly repressive state mechanism operating throughout the federal, state and local levels, who apply their law and order more brutally and injudiciously to opponents of their empire-building raison d’étre; and (2) the people who have engineered this turn are the same types of people who have done the same things in other countries: they are fascists. They’re not corporatists. They’re not free marketeers. They’re not conservatives. They’re fascists. Those industrialists who were proved through Congressional investigation to have been behind the failed fascist coup in 1933 that General Smedley D. Butler, USMC, refused to lead against Roosevelt’s administration have finally succeeded.

The bottom line? The fascist battle cry is, ‘Markets must be protected.’ They oppress all those who interfere with their mission to use the world and its resources -- natural, human or other -- to make themselves rich through unjust “laissez-faire” economic policies in creating and developing these markets. Their policies create destruction and misery for the most vulnerable people in the world, misery so unfathomable legions of other human beings devote their lives to trying to negotiate with these fascists to get them to change those policies, and they do whatever they can to dominate those legions, their opponents. Whatever they can. Today’s award of the Nobel Prize for Peace to Barack Obama was just another one of their ploys to make you believe all is right with the current world order. But the Nobel Prize for Peace Committee has long distinguished itself as a pawn of these fascists, and so their ludicrous ceremony today should surprise no one. They are rightly subject to suspicion. Henry Kissinger, the man who, as investigative reporter Christopher Hitchins demonstrated, prolonged the Vietnam war only to surrender eventually under the same terms as had been proposed in Versailles four years previous to the surrender, was a recipient of their esteem, and there have been others just as, or more, dubious -- while legitimate peacemakers such as Oasis of Peace, the planned Jewish-Arab community in Israel, has been nominated more than a dozen times in the last 25 years and routinely rebuffed.

The awarding of the Nobel Prize for Peace to the head of America’s fascist government is yet one more example of that government’s overweening influence in a world too terrified to confront it, the biggest and worst terrorist organization the world has ever seen. It’s time to stop cowering, open our eyes and see it for what it is: Hitler’s wet dream. Those who continue to implore us not to do so -- to deify the very warmongers who’ve ushered in the destruction of humanity through the destruction of the human mind and the ideals it alone can conceive, ideals such as freedom -- should be shunned, no matter the color of their skin, or the depth of their pockets. Conciliation didn’t work in World War II to make anyone either more secure or more free, it hasn’t worked since then. It won’t work now.

I know these things because I am one such targeted dissident of the U.S. government, an “uppity” bioslave of the Pentagon’s programs to create the many forms of AIDS decimating and enslaving large portions of resource-rich countries -- just exactly according to the widely published plans they made in the 1960s to do so, and because I choose not to ignore the obvious. Finally, I can only repeat the words of Elie Wiesel’s Moshe, the Beadle, from his autobiographical story, Night, when the Beadle pleaded with his fellow villagers for their attention after being taken to a concentration camp and escaping:

“ . . . listen to me. It’s all I ask of you. I don’t want money or pity.
Only listen to me.”

The Beadle perished, along with most of the rest of his villagers, in the Holocaust.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

World AIDS Day

Ah, another World AIDS Day, another day living in Dante's 7th level of hell.

But first, for those of you who are wondering how Kristallnacht was in my neighborhood -- two! Two non-street-legal vehicles racing up and down Mass. Ave. (in front of the fire station, no less) just before midnight (as well as other vehicles), which raises the question, "How many fascists should we entertain?"

World AIDS Day. That reminds me of the time I went to get my vaccinations updated and then got, over the course of 7 or so years, the type of AIDS no one is allowed to talk about, non-HIV/AIDS, also known as "Chronic Fatigue Immune Dysfunction Syndrome," (so named because, in addition to it being a cover for this type of AIDS, just as "bad blood" was a cover for the syphilis the U.S. government gave black residents of Macon County, Alabama in the 1940s, the cancer, Burkitt's lymphoma, which researchers have turned into AIDS make you extremely 'fatigued;' no wonder David Baltimore and Jerome Groopman's research careers began in cancer and ended up in AIDS). See my prior posts, particularly the one about bioslavery, for more about non-HIV/AIDS.

Today also reminds me about the time I went away for the weekend and was bioassaulted in the motel in which I was staying at night, while I slept, and awoke with a localized vaccination injury -- and then never needed the antiviral that saved my life (that's right -- you read that correctly -- the ANTIVIRAL, because, as we all know, retroviruses, such as the HTLV-II with which I have lived all my life as well as the group of retroviruses dubbed 'HIV,' must have another virus in order to propagate, such as the herpes virus (HHV-6) seen in all persons with non-HIV/AIDS and the HHV-8 that causes Kaposi's sarcoma in gay men, and the hepatitis virus that works the same way in Africans and African-Americans). But all you hear people talk about is, 'We need more money for research for a vaccine.' Can't ride an MBTA train in Cambridge without seeing pleas by Harvard/Mass General for healthy, HIV- gay men to test the vaccines -- which, of course, promise they won't get AIDS. Go figure that one out.

Well, this day reminds me of a bunch of other things, too, but, as you can see from my last post, it's dangerous to talk about these things, even though the truth would save a lot of lives. But lives are not what the U.S. government, or any of its minions, cares to save, after all. It just wants to kill populations that get in the way of its rapacious quest for world empire.

I wonder why she doesn't call it what it is -- fascism? (Nah -- just kidding. I know why. If she calls the practice 'corporatism,' no one will fight it, but if she calls it fascism, probably everyone will, and we can't have that, now can we?)

What a world, what a world.
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